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  • Unisex clothing
  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Lining 100% satin
  • Second lining 100% corduroy
  • Removable white collar with magnets inserted inside the Clerical collar
  • Made in Quebec
  • Dry clean only
  M L XL
Chest 52po 54po 56po
Length 41 1/2po 42 1/2po 43 1/2po
Sleeve Length 33po 35po 37po
Waist 48po 50po 52po
Shoulders 55po 57po 59po

Theme: Pedophile Priests

John Goeghan, Robert Best, Olivier O'Grady, Paul Shanley. They are part of this ring of priests who have committed acts deviating from the so-called Western morality. Why were they tempted to do this to these minor ? It is possible to try to answer this question in a theoretical way.

One of the first causes can be attributed to the fact that their figure of authority, highly respected, offers them a feeling of impunity. The Church thought for a long time that confession, and thus forgiveness, was a worth absolution. The influence over the child is accentuated by the fact that the priest is accountable to no one. He is in a position of authority over the child and is able to impose silence by playing with the very deep mechanisms of guilt.

A second cause could explain these crimes: the celibacy of priests. Except in some cases, each person experiences sexual development in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. By maintaining celibacy among young priests, it is impossible for them to complete this sexual development adequately. Thus, due to a lack of trust or experience, these men find easier to turn to children rather than to people of the same age.

The intention behind the conception of this long coat is therefore to highlight this phenomenon, which occupies a predominant place in our societies. This coat draws its inspiration from the cassock worn by priests and clerics. A white Roman collar has been included so as to recall the one worn by members of the Church. By definition, this accessory breaks with the black cassock to symbolize purity and humility.